Portable Toilet Rental - Construction Site FAQ’s

Most city ordinances specifically detail the requirements regarding portable sanitation on
construction sites. Generally, inspectors require that a portable toilet is ordered and on site before approving the inspection. Additionally, OSHA requires a portable toilet on a construction site, as listed under the Safety and Health Regulations for a Construction Site (1923.51 (c) (1), 1926.51 (c) (3), (I), (ii), (iii), (iv)). For information regarding specific city or county ordinances contact your local Preferred Vendor.

The standard service is once a week so that the units are fully stocked with supplies, cleaned and sanitized. The standard fee includes once a week service. We can provide service more frequently if required.

Contact 123 Portable Toilet Rental as soon as possible to report the incident. We will then dispatch a driver to come to the site to clean the unit or provide another unit. We will make the necessary adjustments depending on the situation

By providing a portable restroom on your jobsite, you can reduce employee downtime by providing a convenient alternative to your employees spending invaluable time searching for a restroom because no close restroom has been provided. The following chart was developed in a study conducted by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI).

The annual cost of 10 minutes of wasted toilet time per employee, per day:

Hourly Rate 5 Employees 10 Employees
$7.00 $1,487.50 $2,975.00
$8.00 $1,670.00 $3,400.00
$10.00 $2,125.00 $4,250.00
$13.00 $2,762.50 $5,525.00
$15.00 $3,187.50 $6,375.00

(Formula: Hourly Rate divided by 60 Minutes Per Hour x 10 Minutes x Number of Employees x 255 Days
Per Year. For more information regarding this study, please contact the Portable Sanitation Association International at 1-800-822-3020.)

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